The Dragon's Demand

Quest: Judgment Day


Euphaphenia, of the House of Abadar, is a busy woman with a lot of demands on her time, and so she takes a certain amount of umbrage when petty matters are brought before her, such as the ongoing feud between Prake Abrassus and Lennold Brenlow over a simple dog. However, the dog is just symptomatic of a greater issue between the two families, and the feud simply refuses to go away.

The dog (whose name is Biscuit), was originally Salvenia Abrassus’s. When she married Camrad Brenlow, she brought it with her to Brenlow ranch. Over time, sadly, their marriage proved to be more trouble than it was worth, and the pair parted under bad terms. Salvenia claims she should get the dog, as it was originally hers. Camrad claims that he’s been closer to the dog than she has since they were married, and that he depends on it in his ranching. The dog is currently with the Brenlows, and they refuse to give it up. The controversy has led to a growing feud, with damaged fences, graffiti, threats, and worse.

Ephahenia has tasked the party with judging this case.

Reward: 400 XP, plus up to 500 gp in potions, scrolls, or spellcasting services.



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