The Dragon's Demand

Welcome to Belhaim

The Dragon's Demand Chapter One

Our adventure begins with a traveling merchant by the name of Silas Grubb. Silas is a good man at heart with the tendency to do things that go against regional law all for the sake of personal business. Silas rarely travels with the same group of guards for more than 4-6 months at a time and was currently in need of a new batch of hired guards to ensure the safety of both himself and his precious cargo. The session begins as Silas is approached by each of the characters to be hired on as a caravan guard as Silas travels across the expanse of the Inner Sea. For Basit, the Ifrit, is was the inkling to fulfill what seems to be memories from a dream. As for Aritian, his choice would be one of personal glory and honor as he was denied the opportunity to be sent to Mendev and aid in the Demonblight Crusade. Skaav’s choice to join Silas was one of exploration, travel, and personal growth in a world that might seem him in a way he hopes to change. Finally we come to Marisan, who wants to leave Andoran to see more of what mysteries lie out there in Golarion and how they might connect to the mysteries of her abilities.

Upon arriving in Andoran Silas has a concerned with a few ANdoran diplomats which cause him to venture close to the Andoran/ Taldor border city of Belhaim. Belhaim is a small town run by Baroness Devy Origena. Upon arriving into the town Silas is apprehended on smuggling charges and the party soon finds out he is to be sent to the Taldor city of Cassomir to be charged for his crimes.This in turn leaves the party stranded in Belhaim with no money, and nowhere to go. Taking pity on the group a local tavern owner named Talia Orem, owner of the Wise Piper Inn, offers them a few rooms for free for a couple of days until they can get their affairs in order. Upon eating their meal and discussing what their next plan of action should be they hear a loud noise from outside, and upon inspecting this thunderous boom soon see a large plume of smoke billowing into the afternoon sky as the Witch’s Tower that was stood high now amasses into a heap of rubble and debris.

Coming to the devastating scene the group comes across two soldiers by the name of Letha Mulle and Varyl Hodd, who seem to be lost on what to do and un-enthused with their job.



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