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  • Quest: Rooting for Roots

    Acquire 10 doses of the mother's kiss herb and 5 doses of the wizard's beard herb, so she can make energy tonics. *Acquired:* Xemne's Tonics (5) *Reward:* 400 XP, 1 dose of energy tonic, 2 doses of nose of the dog

  • Quest: All About the Cheddar

    Jacoba Kivris of the Belhaim Record Hall has long suspected that Dendo Bendetto has been lying about his annual yield, and underpaying his taxes dramatically, but so far she hasn’t been able to prove anything, and she simply doesn’t have anyone capable …

  • Quest: Judgment Day

    Euphaphenia, of the House of Abadar, is a busy woman with a lot of demands on her time, and so she takes a certain amount of umbrage when petty matters are brought before her, such as the ongoing feud between Prake Abrassus and Lennold Brenlow over a …

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